Our Story

We believe in creating opportunities to live, share and take home a little of the Good Life.

Arriving from Sydney, originally hailing from Wagga, Laura fell in love with Tumbarumba and a particular building with great potential.

From the outset, Nest has always been about people gathering to enjoy the best things in life, creating meaningful memories together.

15 years and three beautiful children later, it has truly taken a community to create Nest.

Photo: Kara Roselund

The beginning.

Thinking back now, it’s hard to believe that one day I was working in a flash high rise in Sydney and the next I had bought an old building in a tiny timber town with cafe space, a cinema and even its own stage!

I could say it was all well-thought-through plan but to be honest, it was love at first sight and I was all in.

Years in the making.

Over the fifteen twelve years I’ve met and worked with so many wonderful people, all with a unique life story and learnt (and still learning) so much about our region, food and life.

Nest has become a shared vision, grown and sustained by our friends, staff, locals and visitors.

Our Community

Through bushfires, drought, snow, a pandemic and all that the seasons changes bring, together we’ve created a welcoming destination, handcrafted and filled with love and resourcefulness.  Thank you to our wonderful community. Here’s to many years together sharing the good life!

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